Sunday, June 7, 2009

All Time Favorites

As I look into my closet, I realize that, one, I have a ton of shoes and two, there are just a few that never let me down. For me, I hate to wear socks and I hate to have to spend any time getting in my shoes. I love anything backless - anything I can slide into. Also, my shoes need to have character - nothing plain jane for me. I have taken some pics of a few of my all time favorites that I will wear until they die.

Privo flip flops are a must for summer. I wore these everyday when I was pregnant. My feet were too big to fit into shoes so these were perfect! You can tell I wear them by the worn in toe prints. I have more of them, just about one in every color.
I am truly in love with these Cordani sandals. Unfortunately, I lost the left one so I can't wear them any more. I still keep the right one in hopes that the other will find its way home.
Two Haflingers and a Dansko. The Haflingers just feel amazing and I don't have to lace them or wear socks. And Danskos - I just can't say enough good things. These are my favorites out of all my clogs because they drive my husband nuts. He thinks they are just way to out there and that they look like Christmas and I wear them in July.

Let me know your favorites - post pics : )

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