Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yoga Toes!

If you are like me - every now and then you get sucked into whatever odd item that is being sold in the back of your magazine. And this is why I now own a pair of Yoga Toes. I also bought a pair for Krista and for Kelli. I am not sure how much these help keep your feet in shape, but I must say it sure feels good to stretch out your toes. At first, you can only wear them for a little while, but soon enough you can wear them for extended periods of time.

They comes in sizes based on your shoe size. They are rubbery little separators for your toes. I really enjoy wearing them - I put them on when I watch TV. My feet feel great after you take them off. I did some google searching on them and most people say they love them but they aren't worth the price tag. I used a coupon code that I got on the back of the magazine and it knocked a few bucks off the price. Curious if anyone else uses them and what they think!

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  1. Ok I totally have to agree . Jody gave me a pair and let me tell you they really work. After a long day on your feet it feels so good to get your toes stretched.